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What is Strength and Conditioning


Strength and conditioning is the application of resistance, plyometric, agility and speed training. Resistance training may involve resistance bands, free weights, weight machines, medicine balls and bodyweight exercises.


Young athletes may choose to participate in a strength and conditioning program to enhance athletic performance, appearance, long-term health and prevent and/or rehabilitate injuries.  


A strength and conditioning program should be properly supervised, safely progressed, and developed and adjusted based on the young athlete’s’ goals and participation in other physical activities.

We provide a youth strength and conditioning programme in and around Dronfield, Derbyshire for male and female athletes between the ages of 11-16. This programme is ideally suited to those who take part in team-based field sports, racket sports, and athletics.


The sessions are based at:


Soul Train Athletic,

Unit 1, Stubley Works,

Wreakes Lane, Dronfield,

S18 1PN so a very central location to all the local sports clubs.


If you think this is something your son or daughter would benefit from and enjoy, please complete the form to register your interest.